[Samba] Unified login solution

Jerome Walter walter+samba at efrei.fr
Sat Apr 19 09:14:52 GMT 2003

Hello everyone,

As part of my traineeship, i have been asked to deploy a solution to unify
logins between Windows NT (and perhaps 2000 in the near future), Solaris 8 and
GNU/Linux stations. Solaris stations are already running with a pam_ldap
authentication with a OpenLDAP server. GNU/Linux are to be installed within
the next monthes and this should not be a problem with PAM (Linux distrib is a
"customized" Debian).

Here comes the matter : What are the solutions (secure preferably) to
authenticate students (did i forgot to tell this is an university ?) on NT
stations using the same password than Unix one ? Storing information in the
LDAP server is not a problem, and this is a "MUST", but how to sync the
passwords ?
I have though about using GINA to encrypt teh NT password myself, but i am not
sure about it being realistic.

Do you know any doc or people having synced passwords between Unix and NT with
an LDAP server to store information ?

Antother solution that just get through my mind would be to use another
authentication thechnology like Kerberos on all the stations. Is it possible ?

Thank you for your time, please note that i am ready to code and patch
anything, so this shouldn't be a restriction.

Best Regards,


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