[Samba] SMBTorture - info

gregl gregl at magnaspeed.net
Thu Apr 17 23:10:46 GMT 2003

I'm trying to use smbtorture with it's netbench test option
to see how well it matches some previous netbench runs I've
made against the same server.  I have a few questions...

1) Why does the smbtorture client want to open smb.conf?  

2) How long should it take to run a 1 client test?  it's
only taking about 2 seconds for me...I'm sure something is
wrong.  I believe my standard NB tests ran for 660 seconds.
 I assume smbtorture might run quicker, but 2 seconds?  

3) Is there any FAQ for smbtorture that might give a little
more than the very basic information on running it and



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