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Yes, Just get a PCMCIA Flash card, You can get them to about 2GB now, and a
PCI - PCMCIA card, and
plug it in, I have some code i wrote about 4 years ago to store access control
log's to a building on a
PCMCIA card so it could be taken off site and graphed, who when in at what
day:date:time && exit_time....

But why, You can use Squid Proxy cache and Webalizer or Awstats to monitor the
kid's, And do a HTTP URI Deny and have a "Porn" list, which you can download
from particular sites of known porn sites, "if that's what you want to deny"...
Or just look at the Webalizer log's


Not quite sure of the purpose here....?


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{>I've often wondered whether it would be worth connecting a
{>very large serial EEPROM to a serial port interface, and
{>have it effectively appear as a solid state printer, (to
{>that you could cheaply log to an unmodifyable device).
{>Has anybody ever tried this?
{Dot Matrix or an old printer would come in handy here with
{a (near-)infinite number of paper feed. :-)
{A friend of mine has done the same thing, except with web logs.
{Mostly so he can watch where his children go, however the same
{could be done about hackers. Only exception is if someone knows
{about it. If they know about it, most likely they know someone
{who has physical access. If it was a rootkit that got you, then
{you are safe. I'm sure the rest should be obvious.
{In a nutshell... Yes it can be done and is one of the safer
{methods, but more paranoid (which can be a good thing :-)
{If you desire to know the method to accomplish this, I would
{be happy to give them to you.
{Another method, that just popped to mind, is perhaps having
{Some form of a network share somewhere to which only write access
{Is granted. No on could list the files, no one could read the files
{(except for admin of course!). I'm unsure if it's possible to allow
{Only additions to files and no deletions... Just a thought.
{Samba Masters> Would this be possible via samba?
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