[Samba] win ME/Samba connection

Bob McLaughlin bobm142 at attbi.com
Thu Apr 17 15:17:34 GMT 2003

Ok, believe it or not, I've looked through all 209 pages of the
Samba-HOWTO_Collection.pdf plus used this mail list and other internet
sources, used those recommendations, tried almost every possible
iteration on the samba.conf file, looked at logs until nauseated and
have concluded that there is no way that Windows ME can connect to a
Linux box using Samba. Connecting to the WinME box from Linux works
fine. I hope someone can prove me wrong.  Please don't send me any
sympathy or 'works for me' mail unless you include the exact UNC used on
the WinME machine, how to find the server/user names you used, and the
configuration files. Remember we are talking WinME only!  TIA
Bob McLaughlin <bobm142 at attbi.com>

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