[Samba] driver download problem - win 98 + cups

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Thu Apr 17 11:34:16 GMT 2003

Jeff Hardy hardyjm at potsdam.edu

> Wed Apr 16 12:04:25 GMT 2003
> I'm having trouble with driver downloads to Win98 clients from a Cups 
> server/
> red hat 8.0 (2.4.18-26.8.0)
> cups-1.1.18
> samba 2.2.8
> netatalk-1.6.1
> I have windows clients successfully installing and printing to printers
> over samba and macs over netatalk.  I'm using the stock Adobe drivers. 
> Windows 2000 and Windows XP clients successfully grab drivers off of the 
> print$ share without a glitch.  But Windows 98 gets stuck partway. 

My best guess is that you should try again with a printer name equal or
less than 8 characters....

Unforch, I don't have a Win 98 system around, but someone from the Samba
Team will let me play with his for a while soon.

While you're at it -- could you please try with an "8.3" filename too,

> After it makes progress pulling the Adobe files off, it gets stuck on 
> the actuall ppd for the printer.



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