[Samba] Implementation of W2K Group Policies from a Linux Ser ver

Matthew Hattersley MatthewHattersley at businessserve.co.uk
Thu Apr 17 12:00:22 GMT 2003

Just a quick congrats to John for repling to this email constructivly.

Too often do people fire out the ole RTFM speel. More people within the
OpenSource community could do with taking a leaf out of his book.

On topic for a second, do not discount being able to lower the spec of the
below machine due to careful implementation and installation. You may wish
to take a look at the kernel compilation HOWTOs plus other useful HOWTO's on
the website www.tldp.org.



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On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Daniel Bell wrote:

> I am an evil M$ MCSE :), who of late is planning on opening his
> own business... Due to the large cost involved with setting up
> Win2K server, both Hardware and OS, we are considering a Linux
> server setup. We have SOME experience with Linux, but were after

Welcome to Linux Mr evil M$ MCSE! You will not regret the move if you
follow a few basic rules and if when you ask for help you show that you
have done at least some homework before hand.

> information specifically on the possible implementation of Win2K
> Group Policies (as well as 'Domain' Authentication_ for the client
> machines, from a Linux/Samba Server. There will be approx 30
> Win2K/WinXP Client Machines.

You can set up NTConfig.POL files using the NT4 Group Policy Editor. With
Samba at this time there is no mechanism to implement Active Directory
style Group Policy Objects (GPOs). The Samba-Team is exploring mechanisms
for providing this but it will not be in Samba-3.0.0 when it ships and
will have to wait until a later release.

> Our questions are this:
> Is this possible currently with Linux/Samba? As weve found little
> info on this...
> If so, are there Graphical Management Tools for the User/Groups
> and Group Policies? As we envisage the possibility of relatively
> inexperienced ppl having to at times perform simple administration
> tasks...

Use the NT4 Domain User Manager and the NT4 Server Manager that are part
of the NEXUS tool kit available from Microsoft FTP sites.

For more information please refer to the new Samba-HOWTO-Collection PDF
file that is available from the Samba Web sites.

> What sort of minimum specs are we talking, for a machine to run
> this service? (we will also be running a Linux Gateway/Firewall on a
> separate box)...

A dual processor AMD MP1500+ with 1GB RAM and a 3WARE IDE RAID controller
with 3x 7200rpm IBM IDE drives, running SuSE Enterprise Linux Server will
be more than adequate for up to 50 high demand users and up to 200 less
demanding office users.

- John T.
John H Terpstra
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