[Samba] Re: Files Show in Windows but not on the Red Hat server

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Do you su - to root when you telnet to the server.?

Agree with last comment, make a unique_name_file then use "find" to locate it .

Check your smb.conf file to make sure you haven't re-mapped the homes, some ware

Why did you, move from FreeBSD to RedHat Linux.?????

But, i would also get a ssh client like SecureCRT for your Windows Environment,
as Telnet is a pain in the butt if your using it daily... And as i am sure your
aware "Pretty dam Insecure"... Make sure you configure iptables to deny telnet
connections from outside you local LAN...


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{> *I just recently migrated our web server to Red Hat 8.0 running Samba
{> from FreeBSD 4.2 running Samba 2.2.3a.
{> In windows, a user copy or moves files to there home directory on the
{> running samba. The file seems to copy or move fine (It is visible when
{> accessing the share from explorer), but if I telnet to the server the file
{> is not in the user's home directory. I have tailed the samba and messages
{> log and there are no errors during the transfer. They can close out their
{> explorer window and reconnect to there share and the file is still
{> Any information would be much appreciated.
{Because the files aren't disappearing when disconnecting from the server, it
{is logical to assume that they are being stored on the Redhat server
{somewhere, just not where you are expecting them to be. My guess is that
{either some other directory is being connected as your home directory, or
{that you are saving the file unknowingly to the Windows computer.
{I would suggest to create a uniquely named file in someone's home directory
{from inside of Windows. Then telnet into your redhat server and as root,
{find / -name uniquename
{Where uniquename is the name of the file you created. If the file is on the
{server at all, it should print out the file's full path and name. Remember
{that file names are case sensitive under Linux and that this command might
{take a few minutes to complete. Please let me know if this works.
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