[Samba] Best file system for a Raid5 and samba ?

Shawn Wright swright at sls.bc.ca
Wed Apr 16 16:23:00 GMT 2003

On 16 Apr 2003 at 17:08, Ken Walker wrote:

> Has anybody got any past experiences they could pass on about using samba
> and different file systems using a 5 disk raid5. 
> All files are generally over 20Mb.
> Which is the best to use, ext2, ext3 XFS ect. 

Testing that I have done over the past year indicate XFS to outperform 
ext2 and ext3 in nearly every instance, although the largest file size I 
tested was ~10Mb. XFS offers *working* ACL and Quota support out of 
the box, something that Ext3 on Redhat didn't when we needed it last 
summer. We have one RedHat 7.2 box running samba 2.2.8 serving 400 
users virtually troublefree for almost a year now. The only problem 
encountered was winbind idmap table corruption during the upgrade to 
samba 2.2.8. This system was installed from the SGI installer for Redhat. 
We just installed a new samba box using the SGI XFS 1.20 installer for 
Redhat 8.0. 

Shawn Wright, Systems Manager
Shawnigan Lake School
swright at sls.bc.ca

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