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John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Wed Apr 16 15:07:37 GMT 2003

On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Ron Bramblett wrote:

> Sorry about the previous post.
> It seemed no matter how detailed of a message I asked, I did not ask it
> the right way so no responses.
> What I am trying to do is this.
> I have a NT server (I don't have access to it or even a user account on
> it.)

You must have an account to gain access to the NT server. Your access
will be restricted accounting to the privilidges you have on the NT

> There are also 2 UNIX servers, 1 Linux workstation, 2 VMS servers. (one
> VMS server is retireing)


> The programmers from the UNIX and VMS need to put some files on the NT
> machine since it will take the VMS place.

Ok, but why is this significant? You could use FTP to affect the transfer,
this is not a specific question in respect of samba.

> Don't worry about the transfer from VMS / UNIX / Linux just how do I can
>   connect the Unixes to the NT box.

What sort of connection do you want? Samba will allow you NT Server to
make a drive connection to the Unix/Linux systems and to read and write
file to and from the Unix systems as if they are MS Windows NT servers.

If you want to mount NT server shares as part of the Unix file system then
this can be done using smbmount from a Linux system. To do a similar thing
from the Unix systems you would need to use a tool such as Sharity (do a
google search to find a supplier).

> If I can share information the retirement will be much smoother. The
> network admin is only here 2 days a weeks and doesn't want any thing to
> do with UNIX.

This will make life difficult for you, but it is not something we can help
you with.

> I am running samba on all 3 UNIX-like systems. The workstation is being
> used as a test. (It is my box so if I screw things up no problem. I
> didn't loose much)

So then it sounds as if you hav ealready figured things out.

> I have the programmers connected to their pc's (win98se) to each UNIX
> box so they can transfer files from win to unix and back etc. But the
> main concern I have is the VMS one. The programmers have a solution that
> works to transfer stuff from vms to unix and back.

You could also install Samba on your VMS box. You will need to find a
source for the binary files. You could join the Samba-VMS mailing list and
ask for help there.

> I just need a starting point of what to look at and try to talk to the
> net admin so she will understand what I need to do. It should be simple
> but not sure if it is or not. Probably to basic of a question that is
> right under my nose but wading through all of the documentation is
> pretty difficult for me to do. Some things build on other things but if
> I don't understand the basics then I am lost.

What documentation are you looking at? What is the problem.

> At this point I am a total newbie. Only 3.5 yrs UNIX experience and
> before that came from the hardware end. Once I understand this topic
> though I am willing to try to improve the documentation or etc in any
> way I can.

I look forward to your documentation updates.

John T.

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> On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, Ron Bramblett wrote:
>  > I was under the impression that this is a good list. But maybe that
>  > isn't the case. I have asked multiple questions and have done tons of
>  > research before hand and tried to be as specific as possible.
> We all form our own opinion as to how valuable this list is. Your comment
> here is provocative as it implies that someone on this list has a
> responsibility to answer you. I wish to assure you that everyone on this
> list is totally free to either answer or not. If anyone answers you then
> that is a privilidge - NOT a responsibility. You do not earn a privilidge,
> but if you have done your homework the likelihood that someone will answer
> is much higher than if it is apparent that no personal effort has preceded
> the request for help.
>  > So far I haven't received any answers.
> That happens. I am sure we can all feel your pain with you, but this does
> NOT change anything for you. There may be other ways to encourage someone
> to answer you rather than telling us all that we are negligent of your
> needs!
>  > All I wanted was information on getting a NT server to accecpt
>  > connections from UNIX.
> There are many ways of solving this problem. The information given is not
> sufficient to respond.
>  > The documentation is to clumsy and very hard to read. The book isn't
>  > better.
> It is clear that our documentation stinks and is totally inadequate for
> some users. What are you willing to do to help improve it?
> I am not sure which book you are criticising!
> Please email me directly with clear explanation of what you are trying to
> achieve. I will make sure that the information you require will be
> included in the Samba-HOWTO-Collection before Samba-3 is released. In the
> meantime I will help you to understand what the possibilities are.

John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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