[Samba] Re: PDC with roaming profiels

Barry Hunter Priest hunter at vet.purdue.edu
Wed Apr 16 02:32:48 GMT 2003

I also had this problem:  First a little about it's cause, and then my 

In my case my users were going to foreign language websites (primarily 
chinese and portuguese) that were leaving temp files that were 
undeletable.  The file names on the temp files had either too many odd 
characters or were too long, never found out for sure.  These files 
ended up in two places. one was Documents and 
Settings\users-name\application data\Microsoft\office\recent files (if 
they opened a word document from the web site);  the other was 
Documents and Settings\users-name\local settings\...\(directory for temp 
IE files, [sorry doing this from memory]).  In both cases the files were 
undeletable even as administrator from gui, cmd line, even safe mode.

    HOWEVER if you mount the administrative share of the drive 
(\\machinename\c$) on a linux box you can delete it there.  The key to 
preventing was applying the registry settings on the machines 
NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\DeleteRoamingCache to 1. (check out 
This somehow hard deleted everything when the users logged out 
preventing the problem from occuring.


Alex wrote:
> Hi All,
> Hopefully someone knows the answer to this?  I have a RH 7.3 box running
> Samba 2.3a as a PDC for over 1 1/2 years now.  Things are good for the most
> part, except some minor annoyances with the way windows (2k) is handling the
> roaming profiles.  Maybe I need to alter the permissions for the users
> profile, any insight would be wonderful though.  The profiles copied to the
> local box under "C:\Documents and Settings" are set with Administrators (the
> group) - full control, the user name (DOM\unix_user_name) - full control and
> System - full control.  Now fairly frequently when the user logs on it
> appears that windows doesn't like the copy of the profile that is on the box
> already and creates another with a ".bak" extension, then ".DOM", then
> ".DOM01", ".DOM02" etc.. with multiple users on each box you can imagine how
> fast disk space is just consumed.  The problem is that I cannot always
> delete the older profiles.  What can I do, attached is my smb.conf, I would
> be thankful for any suggestions regarding this or anything else that may be
> problematic in my cfg.
> Thanks
> Alex Genna

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