[Samba] Compile on BSDi

Matthew Hattersley MatthewHattersley at businessserve.co.uk
Tue Apr 15 11:41:30 GMT 2003


Im trying to compile samba-2.2.8a on BSDi... Here is the output from uname:

4.1 BSDI BSD/OS 4.1 Kernel #0

Upon compilation using both make and gmake I get the following:

Using LIBS = -ldl
Linking bin/smbd
lib/snprintf.o: In function `vasprintf':
lib/snprintf.o(.text+0x14): undefined reference to `VA_COPY'
lib/snprintf.o(.text+0x45): undefined reference to `VA_COPY'
*** Error code 1


Any Ideas.

cheers in advance.


Matthew Hattersley 
Unix Systems Administrator
Business Serve plc
Victoria Building, Quays Loop Road,
Salford Quays, Manchester M50 3SP

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