[Samba] kerberos auth fails in samba3.0 alpha23

more.zeng more.zeng at raidtec.ie
Tue Apr 15 10:59:45 GMT 2003


I build an alpha23 samba3.0 system in win2k AD domain. Just a few days 
ago, it works very well. But in recent, I find it cannot work.

I am sure it is the reason for kerberos authority. When I kinit a ticket 
successfully, it fails to run "smbclient \\Win2K-server\c$ -k", the 
error message will be as blow:
Doing spnego session setup (blob length=109)
Doing kerberos session setup

When I run "getent passwd", it also fails to display the domain users.
When I run "wbinfo -u", it echos "Error looking up domain users".

But I am sure kerberos ticket works correctly, for I can run kpasswd to 
change the Administrator at Win2kDomain password.

I am puzzled, I wish if anyone has any help.


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