[Samba] win98 cant access samba on 2nd subnet

Daniel O'Dorisio daniel at o-net.us
Mon Apr 14 22:43:13 GMT 2003

Hello, this is my first post so hi to everyone!

sun netra t1, solaris 8, running samba 2.2.8. ip address

windows 98 pc,, with samba server info in lmhosts file and a wins 
server that reads the samba info.

when i try to access resources on the samba server, i get an error, (can not 
find the server) so i started sniffing the packets and saw that the win98 box 
was trying to get dns info on the samba server (sending an A query for i then set up the wins and the lmhosts file. and repeated the 
process, now i see that the name lookup fails but it gets the netbios info from 
a netbios query and it starts to open a session but the session fails due to 
bad password. in the smb.conf file i have allow guest and the guest account has 
no password. this setup works fine when i run win2k. it can see the shares just 


Daniel O'Dorisio
daniel at o-net.us

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