[Samba] swat failed login caching?

James list_mail at softhome.net
Sun Apr 13 17:31:59 GMT 2003

Ah thanks that workaround helped.  However, swat doesn't want to accept my
login details
have any other useful tips for me?

I've tried both my /etc/passwd login details and my smbpasswd login details
neither will
authenticate me.  I don't see any mention of what to use in the manpage


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> On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, James wrote:
> > Ok, so I'm not perfect I mistyped my password when logging into swat for
> > the first time.  Now when I try to reload the login page it immediately
> > tells me
> > authorization has failed without providing me a login/password field to
> > enter my login details.
> >
> > I can't see any mention of a solution to this in the swat manpage what
do I
> > do now?
> We are documenting SWAT in the new Samba-HOWTO-Collection. The man pages
> will be updated before SAmba-3.0.0 is released.
> The work-around for this for now is to exit your browser and re-launch it.
> You will then be able to re-connect to the authentication step.
> - John T.
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