[Samba] Problems with an NT4 BDC and Samba PDC

David Soler beavies at punkass.com
Sun Apr 13 14:35:55 GMT 2003


I have a little problem with samaba... well... 
with windows nt, samba works fine. I'll try to explain it:

My net has 2 servers with NT4, a pdc and a bdc. Well, my intentions is
to eliminate de NT4 PDC and put a Samba PDC. So I made the next steps:

1-. In BDC, Administrative Tools - Server Administrators (i
think) and there i select the BDC and click in the menu to "Eliminate from
domain". -> Ok,

2-. I disconnect the NT4 PDC from the network and Connect de Samba PDC
with the same ip and netbios name that the "old" NT4 PDC.


The users can log on the domain, (well... after theirs computers are added
to de samba domain). BUT!, they cannot use the shared resources of the
BDC (without the /user:<user> parameter of net use... net use f:
\\BDC\shared /user:administrator... then works)

I would like if possible that the users could navigate or see the shared
resources of the BDC.


Curiously, in the samba PDC i added the netbios name in smbpasswd and
passwd and then the BDC (win nt4) is able to "view" the samba users in his
administrative tool, but anyway, the users of samba logged on a winXP, 2k,
etc, could not take the BDC's shared resources.

So I write this email to ask if it is possible to use a BDC in Windows NT
and a SAMBA PDC, or if i have to make a "silly" server in NT
with his own user list and then the users have to have 2
passwords: one for samba and join the domain and other to "take" the
shared resource of de "BDC".

Thanks you all and be happy :)

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