[Samba] unmarshall samr_q_set_username

Kyle Loree kyle at caisnet.com
Sun Apr 13 04:14:07 GMT 2003

Hello all,
I again am having a problem I stated a while ago.

The machine is a mac osx server.  I am limited samba 2.2.3 I believe.
It was working great, the I change a netlogon script, which should make no
then I added a couple of shares to smb.conf.
my smb.conf is designed after the one on afp548.com to make a mac into a
win pdc.
only the shares and names have changed really.

the problem is it stopped allowing me to login to my home dir when I login
with any user on the domain.
then, because this has happened before, I figured permissions.  all of the
permissions in those users home dir's, i made wide open.  777.  then I
figured, ok, maybe it is the machine I am on.  I moved smbpasswd out of
the way.  in fact, I backed up the whole /var/db/samba dir.  that contains
smbpasswd, secrets.tdb and MACHINE.SID.  restarted samba, used smbpasswd
-a root, then added a machine using smbpasswd -a -m machine.  on a mac you
have to create the machine in workgroup manager, then modify it in netinfo
manager, then add it to smbpasswd.  takes a while.
I have not removed accounts from netinfo which is essentially a passwd
database with different access.
the errors when I try to login is "
api_samr_set_userinfo: Unable to unmarshall SAMR_Q_SET_USERINFO."
then a line about being unable to verify password.
I don't have access to the logs right now.

even after removing the smbpasswd db, I can still not find a home dir from
machines on the domain, and cannot join machines to the domain.  I have
scoured the net looking for clues to no avail.
I bet it is simple, what is it though?
as I said I have had the problem before.  I have had to completely blow
away the netinfo db.  
not something I am interested in.

I am grasping at straws, any ideas will be welcome.

Kyle Loree
Rendek Communications
Kyle at caisnet.com

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