[Samba] Fails test 8 of smb diag proc

Tom Brown tbrown at michiana.org
Sat Apr 12 23:20:06 GMT 2003

"net view \\slack1" command on Win98 client returns "Error 86: The
specified network password is not correct." 

The samba server (slack1) appears in Network Neighborhood. But I can't logon. 
   Resource: \\SLACK1\IPC$
   Password is incorrect.

The installation passes tests 1-7 of Samba Diagnosis Procedure. Same Win98
client passes all tests on a RedHat 6.2 box running Samba  2.0.6 on the
same subnet. I've duplicated the working RedHat smb.conf (afaik) on the
Slack box.

server: slackware 8.1 (fresh install)
samba: 2.2.4
client: Win98 SE patched to current

tbrown at michiana.org

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