[Samba] Re: samba not working

Ralph Bard ralph at willowtec.com
Sat Apr 12 16:17:40 GMT 2003

I'm having exactly the same problem and I've tried from W2K Server as well
as XP Pro. Samba is 2.2.8a on RedHat 8. From the windows side you can run
"nbtstat -A ipaddr" and doing so against the windows machine works. It comes
back with "host not found" when pointed at the linux box but it's pingable,
telnet, ftp etc, everything I've turned on is there. This message is
supposed to indicate there is something blocking the port(s) 137-139 but
nothing is behind a firewall.

I could not find swat and other basic utilities from the RH8 default smb
installation, so I downloaded and rebuilt samba. Everything is there, swat
fires up and makes changes properly etc but no change from the windows side.
I'm completely at a loss now - the machine shows up on the browser list but
won't open to show any shares.


"blaschke" <blaschke at wisd.net> wrote in message
news:1050031265.3e9634a117a09 at www.wisd.net...
> I have been trying for a while to get samba operational from the network
> neighborhood side of things.
> I can use the command line interface from within my linux box and I can
> access
> the shares, but when I try it through network neighborhood, it tells me
> network path not found.
> Any clues?
> I am running redhat linux 7.3 and samba version 2.2.8
> James B.
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