[Samba] Problem with a samba print server

Guy Roussin guy.roussin at teledetection.fr
Sat Apr 12 07:00:47 GMT 2003


I created a print server SERVIMP(*) with samba 2.2.8,
i put all the printers at it.  I installed the 
drivers one by one (win98 and win2k) using the 
APW of win2000.
The drivers seems to be correctly settled.  

Then on SERVIMP I execute with rpcclient the assignment 
of the printers to the drivers with $> setdriver printer "driver" 
i get success with this.

I can then install the printers on the win2k client
**BUT** I notice that it is not possible for me to 
configure the printer...
(I do not have the possibility to change the creator even
if I am connected as a print admin) and I note that the 
creator of the printer is a SID like S-1-5-21...  

And it is not possible any more for me to change this even if 
i am a local administrator. 
if i remove and reinstall the driver on the client, the problem
stays here ...

Is this a Samba or a Windows problem?

Thank you

(*) extract of smb.conf of SERVIMP

security = DOMAIN
printer admin = guy

        comment = Serveur de pilote d'impression
        path = /home/printers
        write list = guy
        guest ok = Yes

       comment = Toutes les imprimantes
       path = /home/spool
       guest ok = Yes
       printable = Yes
       browseable = No


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