[Samba] Re: vfat / ftruncate problem

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Apr 11 15:29:16 GMT 2003

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On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Tom Schaefer wrote:

> I kept fighting with it and came up with a solution.  (I think)
> My analysis in the previous posting was somewhat flawed.  It isn't that
> the ftruncate command to the vfat partition is taking to long to fail.  
> Its that after its failed the workaround implemented by Samba is taking
> to long.
> I modified the the source code of vfs-wrap.c, in particular this
> section:
> result = sys_ftruncate(fd, len);
>         if (result == 0)
>                 goto done;
> to 
> /*result = sys_ftruncate(fd, len);
>         if (result == 0)*/
> result = 0;
>                 goto done;
> recompiled smbd, put the new binary in place, restarted samba and lo and
> behold it worked!  Now I can copy my 750Meg test file from Windows98SE
> Windows Explorer to a samba shared vfat partition and the copy starts
> immediately and completes successfully after a minute or two.
> So, now my question is - What kind of problem(s) if any am I setting
> myself up for by doing this?

Probably a lot of headaches.  You have crippled the all ftruncate() 
support in smbd.  If a client tries to set the size on a file, it 
will fail.  Whether the client will care of it, is another matter.
Just be prepared for strange errors.

cheers, jerry
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