[Samba] smb client file list

M. Yu myu at websprinter.net
Fri Apr 11 15:26:10 GMT 2003


Am new to this list so pardon if this question has been asked before.

I am trying to find a way to access MS "net shares" and be able to execute
"net use" without installing MS.  I am looking at a floppy-based linux+samba
solution.  Most of the floppy linux contain apps I don't need or are
centered more towards a router.  So I now plan to create my own bootable
floppy linux (using mkbootdisk from a RH8 or 9 distro) complete with
hardware drivers.  Question now is: what files from the samba package do I
need to include in this floppy to be able to access net shares from an NT4
server (my workstations btw log on to this NT PDC)?  My workstations merely
run a DOS-based billing app from the NT server and print receipts to a
printer attached to the workstation.

Thanks for any info...


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