[Samba] groups disappear with ldapsam

Louis-David Mitterrand vindex at apartia.org
Fri Apr 11 08:46:29 GMT 2003

[debian sid/unstable, samba 2.999+3.0.alpha23-1]


This morning when entering a windows box I noticed my Network Admin
priviledges are gone; same thing on all boxes on the domain managed by
this samba PDC.

Checking the server with "smbgroupedit -vl" returns:

	NT group (SID) -> Unix group
	ldapsam_open_connection: connection opened
	ldap_connect_system: succesful connection to the LDAP server
	ldapsam_setsampwent: 0 entries in the base!

It used to work fine, until very recently. 

All the unix groups are still in ldap database. And the ldap server
works fine, otherwise I wouldn't be able to login at all.

I am digging into the problem, but thought I'd just send this SOS to the
list in case someone else has encountered (and solved) the same problem.

Thanks in advance, 
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