[Samba] samba performance on uclinux embedded system

=?gb2312?q?hong=20joy?= joyhong510 at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Apr 11 08:03:50 GMT 2003

Did anyone do some work on 	improving the samba
read/write performance?
We've got a board attached with an IDE hadisk, running
samba 2.0.7 on uClinux(NOMMU) OS, the IDE throughput:
10.5Mbps,ethernet speed: 16Mbps,Samba throughput(copy
file from WINDOWS PC to host board ): 600KByte/s,CPU
working at 120MHz, system SDRAM 16Mbyte.
Could anyone help to figure out where the bottleneck
is and how to tune it?
Thanks a lot!
Happy hacking...


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