[Samba] samba as fileserver backup fileserver

ascannel at fws.gov ascannel at fws.gov
Thu Apr 10 20:21:45 GMT 2003

newbie question, but i can't seem to find the answer anywhere. I would like
to set up a primary samba file server and a backup samba file server. if
the primary file server fails i would like the backup server to take over
as the main file server as automaticly as possible. was looking at rsync to
backup primary server share files to the backup server, i think that might
be part of the answer but how in the world am i going to get a backup samba
server to relise that the primary server has fail and take over as the file
server ?? any help anyone.
I've done this.  It works fine.

The directions are here:


Found by looking here:



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