[Samba] Win2k logout exception error with Samba 2.2.3a-12.1

Scott Millhisler sjmlistread at sjm.net
Thu Apr 10 16:12:04 GMT 2003

I am running Samba 2.2.3a-12.3 as a PDC on Debian 3 (kernel 2.2).

All seems to be working with 2 exceptions.

The worst problem is when I logout of my Windows 2000 desktop.  While the Win2k machine says it is "Saving Settings..." it will come up with an error box giving me a fatal exception in application unknown.  The message box title says something like: "SAS Window: winlogon.exe"

At about that same time I get an error (or multiple errors) in the Samba log file for that machine stating, 

   "[2003/03/27 16:05:01, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection(249)
  MyWinComp ( couldn't find service ftp"

I have ftp assigned as my guest account.  Most often changes made to my desktop during a session will not be retained at my next login; sometimes they are.  Files in my Local Settings folder are updated (or deleted) on my Windows machine as changes are made (such as changes to the desktop) but they are not made on the Samba server's copy.  I'm sure that is why changes are not retained.

I also receive the occasional error message during normal usage of the desktop about certain network file related activities, such as deleting a file from a Samba share, not being able to be completed or share not accessible.  Despite these errors the operations will usually be completed anyway.

One thing I was wondering that might be causing this is some problem with response time from the server.  Could one end or the other be timing out and causing an operation to fail?  Neither machine is very powerful, the server being a PII 400MHz and the desktop being a PIII 450MHz.  This idea may have no bearing on the problem, just a thought.

Any ideas?

My second issue is the logon process takes about 2 minutes, which seems quite excessive.  I have no documents stored in "My Documents" structure.  There are a number of files involved with my favorites, desktop icons, etc but should it take that long when everything is cached to begin with?

I will send my smb.conf if needed, let me know.


Scott Millhisler

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