[Samba] Printing from Linux to an NT printer

Sistemas sistemas at elbolson.gov.ar
Thu Apr 10 12:49:26 GMT 2003

Hello, Samba team! I am very new to Linux and Samba, so probably my problem is that I need to study more Linux basic concepts, but in the meanwhile, I need to get this working:

I have to print from a Linux Suse 7.2 box, where I have installed Samba, to a printer connected to an NT box. I have found things written for printing the other way around, but not too much this way. I defined a printer called smb in etc/printcap:


I also created the directory smb in /var/spool/lpd (with group and owner lp), the file acct in /var/spool/lpd/smb  (with group and owner lp), and the .config file in the same directory with information about the server, service and password  (with group and owner root). I am not sure about what the group and owner should be.
I edited the smbprint file in /usr/bin as explained in David Wood's SMB HOWTO.
But when I write the command "lpr -Psmb myfile" I get the message: 

Bad termcap entry
lpr: smb: unknown printer

I tried editing the smb.conf file as I read somewhere, but I still recieve the same message.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Greetings, LauZ

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