[Samba] Re: Detecting Samba server from Windows?

tandrew1304 at earthlink.net tandrew1304 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 9 21:39:38 GMT 2003

you guys are very strange sometimes :)

seriously, about 90% of peoples problems with samba on here could 
fixed by doing 2 things..

1.  make Windows 9x network id and password  =  unix user you 
want to log in as
2.  add  "netbios name = <NT-server-name>" in the global section 
of smb.conf

NT based kernels (XP/2000/NT) require the  "netbios name" to 
be set, 
otherwise it will not work.

security level = user,
win9x uses your login id and password in windows, to log into 
samba, NT/2000/XP
prompts you for an id and password. 

if you DON'T do this for 9x, you will have problems logging into 
to fix this, just simply change your windows 9x id and password, 
basically prompting for a password to IPC$ means it cannot find 
the userid and
password you specified. NT/2000/XP prompts you for it when it 
tries to access
the server,  9x prompts you for it when you startup your computer.
just two different methods is all :)

if you do just those 2 things, you shouldn't have to modify your 
file AT ALL from the original defaults :)   thats what I do under 
redhat 8 and 9
and Mandrake 8 and 9, and works just fine under all platforms 


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On Mon, 7 Apr 2003, Jordan Russell wrote:

> That's not useful. For one thing, changing fstype from NTFS 
can impact
> "compatibility with Windows NT" as eluded to in the docs, and 
> requiring users to modify their Samba configuration just so 
my program
> can detect Samba would defeat the whole purpose of auto-detecting 
> in the first place. I might as well just ask users to manually 
> whether shares are Samba shares!

Samba servers reply to the name __SAMBA__.  this might help you.
Other than that you could add something to the server string.

cheers, jerry
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