[Samba] Lingering IPC$ connections

Alfredo Ramos ralf at rice.edu
Wed Apr 9 20:26:23 GMT 2003

I'm running the latest samba release (2.2.8a), and everything seems to
be running fine. Except for something that does not look quite right.

Connections to the IPC$ share are being left behind by samba once the
user has logged off. And what's even more troubling is that the pid
associated with the lingering IPC$ connection is picked up by the next
smbd process, and then you have one pid associated with more that one
smbd connection. Smbstatus as well as ps report the same weird status.

Here's a sample output from both:

Samba version 2.2.8a

Service      uid      gid      pid     machine

riffraff     riffraff student  11775  mudd104 Wed Apr  9 14:04:26 2003
IPC$         leana7   student  11775  mudd104 Wed Apr  9 11:42:10 2003
IPC$         ralf     rstaff   11526  mudd110 Wed Apr  9 10:13:14 2003
IPC$         ksgarcia student  11526  mudd110 Wed Apr  9 11:09:28 2003
IPC$         rakowitz student  12026  mudd111 Wed Apr  9 13:29:10 2003

ps -ef | grep smbd    
root 11526   170  smbd -s/usr/site/samba-2.2.8a/lib/smb.conf-NEW
root 12026   170  smbd -s/usr/site/samba-2.2.8a/lib/smb.conf-NEW
riffraff 11775   170 smbd -s/usr/site/samba-2.2.8a/lib/smb.conf-NEW

Please, can somebody explain this?????

I'm running on a Solaris 8 box and the clients are all Win2K SP2.

Thank you.


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