[Samba] Quirkiness/bugs with new security patch

Traylor, Chris ctraylor at mail.magee.edu
Wed Apr 9 17:26:27 GMT 2003

I've noticed a couple disturbing things in the new 2.2.8a-1 rpm patch
released yesterday.
smbd now seems to run move than one daemon instance. I imagine that this is
how they circumvent the whole getting root access. However there seems to be
a few bugs that I notice (the first two somewhat important, the last two not
so important... although perhaps related?):
1.	the executing user of the a secondary instance appears to change.
For example if I connect to a share with the user name ctraylor, at first ps
-ef will show the user as ctraylor, however subsequent invocations of ps -ef
seem to be run by different users (for example ftp), then finally running as
root. This cannot possibly be normal or desired behavior.
2.	Since upgrading the server, I've noticed intermittent connection
problems from my winblows users that seemed to be resolved if I restart the
3.	Using swat to shut down/restart the server no longer works. (Not a
problem for me, because I use the init scripts from the command line myself,
but the m$ admins in our dept can't seem to do a damn thing if they can't
point and click their way to it no matter how simple it is, which means that
somehow I'm the only one in the dept that can restart the server).
4.	I seems to be getting a bunch of these messages in my log.smbd now:
tdb/tdbutil.c:tdb_log(475) tdb(/var/cache/samba/connections.tdb):
tdb_reopen: file dev/inode has changed!
I'm going to download the source version to see if I can find out if it's
just me (there are a lot of details that I left out), a problem with the
rpm, or if I can fix any of these issues, but I figured I'd flip the list a
message just in case one or more of these can be fixed easily.
Either that, or it is a sign that we should nuke the whales, for Jesus...

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