[Samba] compiling samba-2.2.8a for RedHat 7.2

Florian Stahl fstahl at checkerei.de
Wed Apr 9 16:17:25 GMT 2003

Hi List,

I am trying to recompile the Samba Server Suite for my RedHat 7.2 system.

RedHat 7.2. has been installed as is with the shipping samba-2.2.1a.rpms.

Is there a command to find out how and with which options and setup the 
people at redhat compiled it?!

or can anyone help with the ./configure settings for this environment?!

my first attempt with configuring the options for my system according to 
./configure --help information did deathly FAIL!

Any Help will be appreciated, thanks in advance

kind regardez

Florian Stahl
(fstahl at xantury.com

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