[Samba] Can't do Landscape [was "... with ManualFeed"]]

Gary Algier gaa at ulticom.com
Wed Apr 9 15:19:33 GMT 2003


Well, it seems as if that problem actually is with my laptop.  I transfered the
file to another system and it does not force manualfeed.  No other changes.
Drivers downloaded from the server identically.

However:  The real problem started when I was trying to solve a reported problem
with landspace mode on our HP LasterJet 1200s using the PCL drivers.  (I just
jumped to the conclusion that _all_ landscape was broken).  So, I moved my
testing to another PC running Win2k.  Trying to print a landscape document
to \\new\shipping generates the error:
     The margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page.
     Do you want to continue?
If I say "yes", the first few words get chopped off of each line. If I do the
same thing to \\old\shipping I have no problems.

And yes I did set the document defaults, though not successfully.
When I go to Settings/Printers and select the printer and look at printing
preferences it shows what I setup on the server.  However, when I try
to print from Word I don't see the same selections.  I remember this used to
be a problem with postscript printers, but now that seems to be fixed.  It
seems to only be a problem with PCL now (at least for me).  Is there a newer
fix for PCL drivers?

Peter Carpenter wrote:
> Just a thought: did you set "Document Defaults..." successfully after you
> uploaded the drivers? Maybe changing Paper Source from "Automatically
> Select" to something more specific could be a workaround? Or could users do
> this when they submit their jobs (as a workaround)?
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> From: Gary Algier [mailto:gaa at ulticom.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, 08 April, 2003 11:16 PM
> Hi:
> I am haviong problems with Landscape mode on our HP printers (many models).
> I am running 2.2.7a on two different servers.  One is using the "old style"
> printing (using "printer driver file" parameter).  The other is using the
> newer printing system.  It is the same code on both.  Both are Solaris
> systems.  For the old one, the drivers are installed on the client, for the
> new one the drivers are setup for automatic download.
> Here's the problem:
>      If I try to print ladnscape mode using the "old" server, it prints just
>      fine.  If I use the "new" server, the printer asks for manual feed.
> This looks a lot like the problem I found in the archive:
>       Subject: [Samba] Win2K Printer Driver Problems -  Landscape margins
> off, no collat
>       Date: 2002-10-07 6:33:42
>       From: "SMITH Gregory C." <gsmith () ahbl ! ca>
> The response basicly seemed to be: It is fixed in 2.2.6pre2.
> I seem to have the problem with 2.2.7a.
> I think both "printers" are using the same the driver as the test system
> (Win2k)
> I installed had no drivers for the printer (HP8100) prior to the
> accessing "\\new\printer" and the driver I subsequently used when prompted
> to install local drivers for "\\old\printer" were picked from the available
> drivers on the test system.  I did a "disable printer" on the Solaris
> systems
> so I could capture the results and perform a diff.  Here's the only
> difference
> in the files produced:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> --- old-landspace.ps  Tue Apr  8 17:19:36 2003
> +++ new-landspace.ps  Tue Apr  8 17:22:18 2003
> @@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
>   %!PS-Adobe-3.0
>   %%Title: Microsoft Word - landscape.doc
>   %%Creator: PScript5.dll Version 5.2
> -%%CreationDate: 4/8/2003 17:18:35
> +%%CreationDate: 4/8/2003 17:21:42
>   %%For: gaa
>   %%BoundingBox: (atend)
>   %%Pages: (atend)
> @@ -178,6 +178,11 @@
>   %%EndFeature
>   }featurecleanup
>   featurebegin{
> +%%BeginFeature: *InputSlot ManualFeed
> +<</ManualFeed true /MediaPosition 3>> setpagedevice
> +%%EndFeature
> +}featurecleanup
> +featurebegin{
>   %%BeginFeature: *Smoothing True
>     << /PostRenderingEnhance true /PostRenderingEnhanceDetails << /REValue 2
> /Type
> 8 >>
> @@ -185,7 +190,7 @@
>   %%EndFeature
>   }featurecleanup
>   featurebegin{
> -%%BeginFeature: *PageSize Letter
> +%%BeginFeature: *PageRegion Letter
>     <</PageSize [612 792] /ImagingBBox null>> setpagedevice
>   %%EndFeature
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> As you can see the only difference is that printing via the newer server
> causes Landscape to come out ManualFeed.
> Does anyone have a solution?
> Did I miss something when I uploaded the drivers, etc.?
> I went back after the fact and performed the Landscape/Portrait devmode
> dance.
> I want to retire the old server and this is the only thing keeping it alive
> at this time (Don't worry, I have other uses planned.  It won't be put out
> to pasture.)

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