[Samba] consistency of credentials strings in smbclient and smbmount

Michael Wardle michael.wardle at adacel.com
Wed Apr 9 06:53:59 GMT 2003


I was looking for an easy way to set a user's username, workgroup, and
password on a per-user basis without exposing the user's password.  Use
of the credentials file seemed appropriate.

I needed to set the user's workgroup, but there is no consistent method
of doing so in the credentials file, particularly one which is supported
by smbmount (which would be preferred over smbclient in scripts).

Some parts of the documentation suggest that the syntax
"username = username/workgroup"
might work, but it does not.

The smbclient manual page suggests that
"domain = workgroup"
might work, and it does for smbclient, but not for smbmount.

I was going to submit a patch to make smbmount also look for this
configuration option, however it seems a little inconsistent to me: most
places, the workgroup or domain is referred to as the "workgroup" rather
than the "domain".

Should I change smbmount so that it also honors the "domain = workgroup"
option, or should I change them both to use "workgroup = workgroup"?

Thanks in advance

Michael Wardle <michael.wardle at adacel.com>
Adacel Technologies

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