[Samba] ACL: some maybe stupid questions

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Tue Apr 8 21:44:58 GMT 2003

 >>  Hi.

 >>  I want to use ACL on my RH-9.0 box (x86), so I got ext3 ACL patch from
 >>  http://acl.bestbits.at/ and tried to apply it to the kernel that ships
 >>  with RH (2.4.20-8). The patching fails on some vm file so I got a vanila
 >>  kernel 2.4.20, apply the patch and compile it. This works fine. Also
 >>  RH-9.0 precompiled Samba 2.2.7 works fine with ACL.

I thought the RH-9.0 kernel already had the bestbits patch applied.

I guess I'm wrong. :(


PS: I'll look at the rest of your mail in a second.  If I know anything, I'll =
post again.

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