[Samba] authenticating samba against an Windows AD Domain contd.

David Grantham dwgranth at legroom.net
Tue Apr 8 19:39:18 GMT 2003

Thanks for all the information you guys have sent.  I've figured out how
to mount shared drives with smbmount, how to view a list of shares with
smbclient, etc.  I can also find plenty of documentation covering setting
up samba as a domain controller in a Windows environment.  However, what I
cannot find much useful information on is how I can authenticate users of
on a Linux system against an NT domain / Active Directory controller.

What I mean is, I want to allow users to login to a box that does not
require local accounts in /etc/passwd.  The user should see the login
prompt, enter his/her domain ID and password, and then the Win2k domain
controller will authenticate that user and allow him/her to login.  So
far, using smbclient, smbmount, etc. all require a user to already be
logged in with a local account, which I need to avoid.

I'd, of course, prefer not to do this, but my company will already has
Active Directory on Windows 2000 servers handling all authentication, and
that will not change.  I would, however, like to allow Linux clients to
authenticate against this when logging into the system, which I've so far
been unsuccessful in figuring out.  Can you provide any information on
accomplishing, assuming it's possible?


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