[Samba] Samba and ldap groups

Uwe Laverenz laverenz at molkerei-ammerland.de
Tue Apr 8 15:50:41 GMT 2003

Maarten Buiter schrieb:

> This might have something to do with your Access Control Lists for your
> LDAP directory. Most likely you have installed your LDAP directory so
> that only root can query it.

Nope, I have the same problem here with 3.0alpha23. It worked with the 
same LDAP-dir in previous tests with 3.0alpha21. The new samba.schema 
with GroupMapping is installed, of course.

> If you are using OpenLDAP, you can edit (or create) your ACLs in the
> slapd.conf file. The OpenLDAP Administrator Guide Provides a few
> simple examples.

All other LDAP-queries work, and Samba has the information (credentials) 
for full LDAP-access. So I think this could be a bug in the new 
groupmapping-support with LDAP?

I intended to use 3.0 in a production environment, but I think it's not 
ready yet.


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