[Samba] NIS Authentication Help!

Matt Schillinger mschilli at vss.fsi.com
Tue Apr 8 13:39:39 GMT 2003

Yes. If your samba server is not a PDC, it can work quite easily.. The
samba server needs to be made an NIS client, and 

'encrypt passwords = no' must be chosen.. then, samba will look to local
authentication methods, which, if the machine uses NIS, samba will use
NIS. We have a similar setup where I work.

On the downside, you will have to enter a registry edit on each windows
box. (it's a very simple procedure). The edit allows the windows
machines (i'm assuming XP) to auth off of plaintext passwords.  In the
case of XP/NT/2000, once you add the edit, it enables the machine to
authenticate using BOTH encrypted, and Unencrypted authentication.. (at
least this was my observation on Windows NT 4.0 -- someone please
correct me if I am wrong)

Obviously, plaintext password issues exist, but you're already using

The registry hack is: (in Windows XP)

open regedt32


Modify the Dword 'enableplaintextpassword'.

Change value to '1' hexadecimal.

Matt Schillinger
mschilli at vss.fsi.com

On Tue, 2003-04-08 at 07:53, Jeffrey C. Keller wrote:
> Hello, I have a question that I was wondering if someone could help me 
> with.  I am an admin at RIT and we have a large network base of Sun 
> machines.  We do authentication via NIS over NFS.  We are about to 
> receive a full lab of Windows boxes and need to set up a samba server to 
> serve users' home directories to the Windows boxes.  This initial 
> configuration is relatively easy, but we want to use NIS for access 
> control and password authentication.  Access control is simple via NIS 
> netgroups, but everything I've turned up for authentication via NIS has 
> just regarded password syncing.  Is anyone aware of a method of forcing 
> Samba to use the NIS system for password authentication instead of it's 
> smbpasswd file?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks.
> Jeff
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