[Samba] NIS Authentication Help!

Jeffrey C. Keller jck7765 at cs.rit.edu
Tue Apr 8 12:53:26 GMT 2003

Hello, I have a question that I was wondering if someone could help me 
with.  I am an admin at RIT and we have a large network base of Sun 
machines.  We do authentication via NIS over NFS.  We are about to 
receive a full lab of Windows boxes and need to set up a samba server to 
serve users' home directories to the Windows boxes.  This initial 
configuration is relatively easy, but we want to use NIS for access 
control and password authentication.  Access control is simple via NIS 
netgroups, but everything I've turned up for authentication via NIS has 
just regarded password syncing.  Is anyone aware of a method of forcing 
Samba to use the NIS system for password authentication instead of it's 
smbpasswd file?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks.


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