[Samba] Automating cupsaddsmb or some alternative

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Tue Apr 8 06:25:19 GMT 2003

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Corey McGuire wrote:
| I am developing a print server for a client, and I need to make the
| to add and configure print servers as simple as possible.  So far,
cups and
| samba are top notch, but there are two problems I have.

users declared as printer admin can upload drivers on the server, which
is what you want; IIRC it can be done through the NT/2K printer setup
interface, and drivers go into the designated share.

It is mentined in a couple of howtos around; a bit of googleing wouldn't
hurt. try "printer driver automation samba"

you're not supposed to restart samba every time; wouldn't a killall -HUP
~ smbd do the job? I remember seeing somewhere that the config file was
re-read at regular intervals anyway(to be confirmed).

| One, I need to restart the samba service every time I add a printer.
| Two, I need to log in via console or SSH to run cupsaddsmb, and I need to
| then authenticate.
| I was wondering if there was a way that I could streamline this a bit so
| they'd never have to do any of that.  Also, not killing samba would be
| nice, as there will be up to 200 people per print server.
| Thanks!
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