[Samba] Re: Share contents and windows XP.

jarekjar at o2.pl jarekjar at o2.pl
Tue Apr 8 03:34:11 GMT 2003

jarekjar at o2.pl wrote:
> I've just installed first windows XP in my network. The workstation is 
> connected to samba shares. Contents of those shares are shown after 10 
> -15 seconds. It always happen when someone wants to see a share for the 
> first time after login. I copied one of those directories to oldest NT 4 
> workstation i found in the network. The contents are shown immediately 
> every time.

I didn't manage to solve the problem. Killing unnecessary processes 
doesn't help. The XP is waiting for something. Task manager explained 
nothing. Network is not used during the waiting. The worst thing is that 
this kind of hangs happen while browsing/ opening files from applications.
Have you got any ideas?

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