[Samba] connecting to resource IPC$ problems -samba 2.2.8

tandrew1304 at earthlink.net tandrew1304 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 7 23:04:58 GMT 2003

it doesn't matter to me,
all I am trying to do is,

I have a DSL connection to the net using a LinkSys 4 port router,
I have redhat 8.0 setup as a webserver on one of the ports,

all I want to do, is setup samba so that each user on my Linksys
router can logon to the LAN to upload their webiste files to 
webserver..   instead of using FTP.

since it works fine in NT/XP, I won't mess with that,

ok, I'll change Windows 9X username,
are you referring to the network id and password it prompts
me for at Login?  yeah I can change that..
= = = Original message = = =

>security level = user
>works fine under NT/2000/XP platforms,
>but when I try to login from a Windows 95/98/98se/Me machine,
>samba prompts me for a password to resource  \\netbiosname\IPC$
>how do I prevent this from happening in 95/98/se/me platforms
>and have it prompt the user for an id and password like it does
>in XP?

The answer to your last question is:  "you can't".  This has 
nothing to do 
with Samba, as such:  The implementation of SMB in Win9x does 
not allow 
you to "connect as" a user different from the one you're logged 
in as. 
This is completely a Win9x limitation - only the NT kernel network 

implementation allows the behavior you want.

Realize that you ARE logging in with a username with Win9x, even 
if you 
don't see a password prompt when the system boots up:  you configured 
username when you first set up Win9X.  The Start menu has a "Log 
username" option.

So, what can you do?  Well, it depends on how you want to approach 
problem:  you have several options.  You could change the Win9x 
accountnames to match the network account name that you want 
to use.  You 
could use the "username map" facility to map your Win9x usernames 
unix/linux usernames.  You could use some form of "guest" access 
(see the 
"map to guest" smb.conf parameter description).  Or you could 
migrate all 
your Win9x users to Windows NT or better.

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