[Samba] User security settings in SAMBA?

alan_debekker at platts.com alan_debekker at platts.com
Mon Apr 7 18:26:33 GMT 2003


I have Samba configured to use SERVER as its security.  I have a Primary Domain
Controler listed as the password server.
This setting works great for users that are in that particular windows domain
(domain1).  I know have users in a different windows
domain (domain2) that want to connect to the Samba server.  I created these
users on the Samba machine as usuall and also
added them to the USERNAMES feild in the GUI.  The users in domain2 can't
connect to the share this way but users in domain1 can.
I had the NT Admin create all of the domain2 users that need access to Samba in
domain1.  This allowed domain2 users to connect
to the Samba share.

My question is can I make Samba only use the passwd file in unix for
authentication rather than using the NT/Windows server?
This would make it alot easier to administer on my end, for access to the Samba
share.  Because I am only a unix admin not an NT admin.
I hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks a lot,

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