[Samba] smb.conf and printer drivers

Vizitiu, Ciprian CVizitiu at gbif.org
Mon Apr 7 13:13:13 GMT 2003

Can someone enlighten me on some aspects of smb.conf?

man smb.conf says that

       This section works like [homes], but for printers.

       If  a  [printers]  section  occurs in the configuration file, users
       able to connect to any printer specified in the local  host's

Fine. It means that if I have a smb.conf containing only [printers] and two
entries in printcap I should see two printers on the samba server. It is
like this: I see lp and lp2 from may printcap.

       When  a  connection request is made, the existing sections are
       If a match is found, it is used. If no match is found,  but  a
       section exists, it is used as described above. Otherwise, the
       section name is treated as a printer name and the appropriate
       file is scanned to see if the requested section name is a valid
       share name. If a match is found, a new  printer  share  is  created
       cloning the [printers] section.

To me this means that I have to add another sections that fits the one in

I did with:

	printer = "my beloved ugly printer"

... in smb.conf and expected to see this printer while browsing. No way... I
see the old lp one! And cloning? Nope. What am I missing? 

And how on earth should I tell samba to instruct the client installing that
particular printer to take the drivers for that printer from the samba
server instead of the local machine?

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