[Samba] Samba printing options

Damir Dezeljin programing at mbss.org
Mon Apr 7 10:26:57 GMT 2003


> When you say "printer$" do you really mean "print$"?
ops ... sorry ... my mistake - I named the share print$ however I mistyped
it in the mail.

I created a fake printer add script that only add an alias to the
/etc/printcap to satisfy samba after instalation. Then I used Windows
add printer wizard to add drivers to the server. This finished without any
problem ... then I tried to use properties of this printer to set that I
have duplexing unit installed, however this didn't change settings in
samba (I realy don't know what I have to change to make this work) however
it generate some new aliases in /etc/printcap (so it rerun my add printer
script ;) ).

Any idea how to solve my problem?

BTW: Are you using lpr or any other print facility like cups,...?


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