[Samba] "read failure for 9848" ?

Bjarni Gautason bg at os.is
Fri Apr 4 08:47:39 GMT 2003

HI all.
I have an IBM XP Pro that communicates (LAN) with several local and remote 
Unix machines. Communication via Samba is very sluggish and I have no clue 
as to why (who is at fault).  Saving a small (125 kb) Excel file to the 
local Unix can take several seconds a may result in failure (delayed write 
failure).  Copying files from remote Unix machines to the local one using 
Windows Explorer often results in failure.
Windows will typically give error messages that are easy to read but give 
no real information. Samba recorded the following during a failure to copy 
files from one Unix machine to another (remote to local) using Windows 
Explorer on the XP:

lib/util_sock.c:(436) read_data: read failure for 9848. Error = Connection 
reset by peer

Is there any info in this report that explains what could be going on (i.e. 
what does "c:(436)" and "for 9848" refer to)?

Thank you

Bjarni Gautason
Akureyrasetur Orkustofnunar
og Háskólinn á Akureyri
Rangárvöllum, P.O.Box 30
602 Akureyri

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