[Samba] samba 3 as a pretend DC?

Byars, Jason M jbyars at iupui.edu
Thu Apr 3 22:05:18 GMT 2003

Hi, I'm stuck in a network enviroment where ADS has taken over and by the end of the year the main DC's will only allow kerberos authentication.  The problem is I have several legacy systems that are equipment controllers that can't be upgraded.  They are running everything from OS/2 to NT4.  So I need something for them to authenticate against using Lanman/NTLM/etc.  
Would it be possible to configure samba 3 to pretend to be a DC, but instead of autheticating against it's own ldap database, make it authenticate against the main kerberos DC's?  Samba has gotten me out of several other situations, but I've never investigated using it this way before.  Is anyone in a similar situation?  Does anyone know if this is possible?  Thanks


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