Talati, Kamal P. (Contractor) TalatiK at ncr.disa.mil
Thu Apr 3 19:33:21 GMT 2003


            Could someone help me out please.  

         I have a  PC running NT Server 4.0 (SP6a) and another one running
Redhat 8.0 with Samba 2.2.5:

         On the NT Server Side:    The IP adress in set and the DNS server
is the the same as the Samba machine
                                              and the Primary WINS Server
also set to the Linux box

                                              -In the WINS Address tab:
Enable DNS for Windows Resolution is set.

                                              -In the Bindings Tab: NetBIOS,
Server, and Workstation have WinsClient(TCP/IP) selected

       I ran through the tests in the DIAGNOSIS.txt under

     and I failed when the following is typed on the NT Server 4.0 side:

              net view \\Linux (name of the server)

                                  System Error 53    The Network Path was
not found.

     Also, when I browse the network neighborhood:

                            \\Linux was not accessible

                           The Network Path was not found.

       How come I can see the machine then?  And I can see the NT shares
when I run "smbclient."

        Did I somehow setup a half-duplex mode which defeats the purpose of
setting this up in the first place?


Kamal Talati

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