[Samba] Using Machine Names on Samba Domain

Stéphane Purnelle stephane.purnelle at tiscali.be
Thu Apr 3 19:21:13 GMT 2003

Each computers have a SID and samba have a link machine-name / SID.
I think that it isn't no solution for your problem, maybe have different
workstation name for each computer.

Le jeu 03/04/2003 à 21:06, Benjamin Gunter a écrit :
> Greetings, i've been trying to follow this post to see if there was an
> answer, but haven't come across anything:
> >>So, does this mean that it is not necessary to delete or modify any of
> >>the *.tdb files.
> >>I tried the following:
> >>1) Changing the workstation from domain to workgroup
> >>2) Deleting the machine account from smbpasswd and /etc/passwd
> >>3) Trying to rejoin the domain
> >>I got the typical error message received when a second workstation is
> >>joined to a domain using a machine name already in use.
> >>Any ideas, clues, hints?
> i'm still getting the same thing. when i do an smbclient on my domain, the
> only thing there is my domain.
> thanks,
> ben

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