[Samba] Authenticating users across trusted (win2k and NT) domains

S.D.Chandler sean.chandler at verizon.net
Wed Apr 2 19:44:36 GMT 2003

how does this work?  I thought that I simply had to
do a netlogon to my pdc with my machine credentials
(mostly transparent) and the user credentials.  isnt
that how it works?  im in an active directory mixed
mode domain trying to authenticate a user in another
(trusted) active directory domain.  looking at the
traces (debug level 10) I see that it cannot find
the user even though I tell it what domain to search.
it seems to refuse to search outside the default

basically im hacking the samba alpha22 code into one
lib so that I can authenticate and do active directory
ldap queries and check users groups and access
restrictions.  any information would be greatly
appreciated.  im sure that I am overlooking something
blatantly obvious.

thanks in advance

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