[Samba] Samba 3 (PDC+LDAP) problem with user-level access on Win9x

Tirone Nel tironen at clubleisure.co.za
Wed Apr 2 12:28:44 GMT 2003

Hi there

I am having a problem when using User-Level Access on Win9x with my Samba
3alpha22 domain.

When editing Sharing properties for a directory, I select "Add" to modify or
view the list of domain users available.  I then get the following error:
You cannot view the list of users at this time.  Try again later.

As far as I understand, this facility has been functional since Samba 2.2.x,
so I'd imagine it is functional in Samba 3.  I can't find anything in any
error logs to help as to why the domain users list won't show, nor have I
found any remedies via searching Google or this mailing list.  One other
suggestion was to uninstall and re-install File & Printer Sharing for
Windows, but this did not help.

Everything else so far is functional and working great.  Can anybody assist
with this, or at least confirm that it works for them on Samba 3 latest


Tirone Nel
Systems & Network Administrator
Club Leisure Group
+27 (0)31 717 7677

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