[Samba] problem to run smbd &nmbd

mcdimen sidiam at tnb.com.my
Wed Apr 2 04:59:18 GMT 2003

hallo everybody,
i've a little problem while i'm installing samba 2.2.8 for linux RedHat 
8.0 with gnome kernel. actually, i'm new to this RedHat and this is my 
first time using RedHat and samba. my problem is i can't run the smbd 
and nmbd but i can use smbclient. what i'm noticed is smbclient is 
located in /usr/bin meanwhile smbd and nmbd in /usr/sbin ( i found it 
using "search for files" function. If i'm using which smbd it will return:

> [sidi at hvdc3 sidi]$ which nmbd
> /usr/bin/which: no nmbd in 
> (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/home/sidi/bin)

i hope, anybody who have known abaout this can help me!!
thank you

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